dailyphoto080607.jpgKelly Talks: Music, Marriage, Messages
Kelly Rowland explains why, after her songs were leaked, she’ll be staying in control of everything from now on, everything except where to get a boyfriend. Some people have called the lyrics to your single Work (‘‘put it in, do it baby, do it do it baby”) porn-like. Discuss. No! I was in the studio with Scott Storch and Poo Bear, who wrote the song. Poo showed me ‘‘Put it in!” and I said, ‘‘I’m not singing that!” He said he meant, ‘‘This guy’s got to put in work to get a girl like you” and I said, ‘‘You know exactly what you’re doing” and he’s like, ‘‘Yeah and you’re gonna sing it!” All I could think was ‘‘What is my momma gonna think?” Q: What did your momma think? I rang her and told her the lyrics and gave her the gist of the song and she said, ‘‘Girl, you’re past 21”. As long as my momma has no problem with it then that’s all that counts. (Continue Reading…)

Bob Johnson: Clinton Should be V.P.
Bob Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), says that Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, should consider Sen. Hilary Clinton as his vice president. Clinton is expected to suspend her campaign and endorse Obama soon. Johnson discusses why he thinks Clinton deserves the number two spot. (Continue Reading…)

Texas town still shadowed by dragging death
Ten years after James Byrd Jr. was dragged to death down a three-mile stretch of country road simply because he was black, some things have changed in Jasper. Black and white teenagers can be seen playing basketball together at James Byrd Jr. Memorial Park. Blacks now make up a majority on the City Council. And an iron fence no longer separates the graves of whites and blacks in the 171-year-old cemetery where Byrd is buried. (Continue Reading…)

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