dailyphoto080614.jpgLosers in R. Kelly Case: Black Women
Here’s a bet. Accused child pornographer and sexual panderer, R. Kelly has three albums in the can ready for release. If Kelly is convicted of the multiple counts slapped against him in his Chicago child pornography trial, the albums will fly out of the can fast, and even faster off the store racks. Kelly’s well-documented penchant for underage teens, and his boasts and taunts in his songs, topped by the very real possibility that he had sex with a very underage teen, as shown in the homemade smutty videotape, mean little to his legions of devoted fans. But it should. A Black woman is far more likely to be raped than a White woman, and slightly more likely to be the victim of domestic violence. (Continue Reading…)

R. Kelly Jurors Weren’t Sure About the Girl on Tape
he jurors in the R. Kelly child-pornography trial didn’t doubt whether it was the singer on the tape — they just doubted whether it was the girl prosecutors said it was. “I thought it was R. Kelly on the tape,” juror #9 said after the verdict was rendered. “I just wasn’t 100 percent on the girl.” The five jurors who agreed to speak to the press following their not-guilty verdict said they felt the state hadn’t presented enough evidence and that having the alleged victim on the stand would have made the difference. (Continue Reading…)

Adoption System Failing Minority Kids
When Theresa Alden adopted two black boys from an agency in Philadelphia, she changed her lifestyle for them and they changed her outlook on race. Alden, who is 50 and white, started attending a black church near her home in Lancaster, established a network of black friends and acquaintances, began listening to more black music and buying children’s books by black authors. “My boys will be in a minority here. How do you face the issues that go along with that?” she said when asked about her attempts to give them role models and points of reference. (Continue Reading…)

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