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Website: Nafisa Jewels
Owner: Sani

Q: What made you decide to start Nafisa jewels?
What made me start Nafisa Jewels was the fact that I love jewelry, especially costume jewelry. I like to mix and match different types of jewelry to go with my outfits and I have been like that since I was about 6 years old. Everyone would always tell me they loved my jewelry and one day I just decided to sit down and come up with a plan to sell it. After consistently selling items at my mother’s job and my own job, I decided to open Nafisa Jewels boutique online so the whole world could find unique jewelry-and fun accessories at reasonable prices.

Q: Is there any special meaning behind the name?
Well I wanted a name that represents me as an African American woman and also something that represents all women. I started searching for a unique name and found Nafisa which means “precious” in Swahili. This name really touched me because it speaks to every woman, every woman is precious!

greebig.jpgQ: Your site features some really fun accessories, what are a few of your favorite items on the site?
Well of course all the items are my favorite but, the items I love are my “Afro-mud Flap Girl Necklace“, “Brass Knuckle Necklace“, and the “Oh So Yummy Cupcake Earrings“! I love how unique and different these pieces are. I call these pieces hip-hop chic! Oh yeah, don’t let me forget about my favorite favorite item — my “Frog Shower Cap“, this item is just fun!

Q: What jewelry and bag trends or designers do you love right now?
Well I don’t have any particular designers that I love, I just like to buy items that are unique and different. However, I do like Dooney and Burke. I love their colorful bags! Some of the designers I like are Betsey Johnson and definitely Kimora Lee Simmons…I like a lot of different designers.

Q: Why should our readers click onto your site?
Readers should definitely check out the site because it features unique items that I know they will love. Nafisa Jewels is hip-hop chic, featuring beautiful jewelry and accessories. We also have great sales and prices! Readers should definitely join our newsletter where we give out monthly discounts!

To learn more about Nafisa Jewels please visit www.nafisajewels.com and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!

Tiger Striped Bangle, $19.99Pink Marble Acrylic Bangle, $9.99Hip Hop Bamboo Earrings, $1.99Brown Leopard Print Clutch Bag, $35.99

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