110207_newton_300x400.jpgA new take on the classic cat eye look made popular by 50s screen sirens is all the rage on the catwalk and runways. The old school look was created by drawing a thick wing of eyeliner from the inside corner to far beyond the outer corner. The updated look is much thinner and the line only extends to right below the edge of the brow.

Follow these simple tips to get the perfect winged eye look . . .

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  • Mary Jen

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it. Great tips!

  • Bee Bee

    Must have that NARS! Looks super sexy.

  • Keisha G.

    I was wondering how to get that look. Thanks for the tips.

  • Jasmina

    Thanks for this! I’ve had a problem with getting a straight line with liquid liner…I need more practice, I presume. Can you recommend any eye pencils that are *truely* long-lasting?? I’ve tried a few drugstore brands(Maybelline and Cover Girl) and both sold me on their long lasting claims, but I find I have reapply multiple times throughout a night… Thanks Clutch!

  • Nicole Mitch


    I find the Estee Lauder pencil that is featured in the story really does stay on for a long time. It is more of an investment but its such a great pencil. If you follow the tips and then apply the liquid liner that line will stay until you want it off! Those two products combined really will great a great line!!! Good luck.