Best Behavior, our latest discovery on the international style scene, is the brainchild of Danish design team Marie Orberg and Malene Brochner who have set out to create a brand that revolves around femininity, wardrobe sustainability and comfort. The pair describes their aesthetic as “simple, raw, and clear cut”, but closer examination of the edgy detailing and unusual silhouettes suggest that Best Behavior pieces are destined to become funky wardrobe classics to be cherished for seasons to come.

We love the layer perfect knitwear, luxe sweaters, baggy harem pants and innovative use of leather that has definitely given us cause to reexamine our notions of the term cute ‘n casual. Best Behavior designs relay a look of inherent flyness as is fitting for the fearless fashionista looking to step outside of the obligatory jeans and t-shirt box. How should one who is unsure about these avant garde creations incorporate Best Behavior into their wardrobe? Marie and Malene have a fashion forward suggestion,

“Baggy pants, jersey cardigans and striped knitwear are all a consistent elements in the Best Behavior collections, and if you add a silk top with a collar or a scarf – a huge leather bag and a pair of stilettos, you have the look.”

To learn more about Best Behavior please visit http://www.bestbehavior.dk

Spring/Summer 2008



Autumn/Winter 2008




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