kathy.jpgQ: With Summer coming I need a new fragrance. Do you have any suggestions?
I think it’s wonderful that you are looking for a new fragrance for the shift in seasons. I believe a women’s fragrance is the first way she can make an impression. And that impression is lasting so you always want to find a defining fragrance that really captures who you are. This summer there are two recommendations for you. The first is Kathy Hilton’s My Secret Eau De Parfum ($31.95, fragranceshop.com). This is a light, clean, floral fragrance that really captures the essence of summer with notes of mandarin, white freesia, peony flower, roses, star jasmine and apricot leaf. It is warm, intimate yet crisp and fresh. You can’t go wrong with this scent. And the heart shape bottle is super cute.

_5590999.jpgThe second one is Alien Eau Luminescente by Thierry Mugler ($75, bloomingdales.com). This limited edition fragrance concentrates all the benefits of sunlight for an energizing , illuminating and comforting aura. The warm scent combines sparkling mandarin blends with exotic Ti -are flower and white amber. Together these scents form a hypnotic and magnetic fragrance experience. And this bottle is another one of my favorites. It looks like it was cut from raw stone and is a flamboyant, golden Orange color. Beautiful.

Q: The warm weather has rolled in and it’s time to break out the strappy heels. I love the look of super high sexy heels but they always hurt my feet or make them look terrible. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to spare myself the pain? I don’t know anyone who hasn’t suffered to wear a fabulous pair of shoes. For a while I was to a point where I believed a shoe wasn’t fabulous unless it hurt my feet. No pain, no shoe gain right? Wrong. There are some great products on the market that will now keep you looking fabulous in your hottest show by making you feel fabulous in your shoes.

heel_cushion_main.jpgDainty Footings ($6.95-$12.95, daintyfootings.com) are a dream for those of us who love the look of designer heels but can’t stand the the pressure on joints and the pain that those heels cause us. Dainty Footings are designer shoe Cushions that uses a special material called PORON to help provide maximum shock absorption. PORON is an open cell material that allows heat and moisture to dissipate quickly and keeps feet comfortable.They have a selection of different products that include Heel Liners, Ball-of-Foot Cushions, Heel Cushions and Revie Insoles.

05_09_airplus_lrg.jpgAirplus for Her is a comprehensive line of foot care products designed just for women. They give you the chance to feel comfortable in your luxurious shoes, which up until now you might of thought was impossible to do. The line contains everything you can think of to revitalize your feet from toes to ankle. Including Gel Heel Cups, Love My Straps, Orthodox Arch Support, Apara Slingies and Steppies. ($2.80-$7.99, Major chain and drugstores nationwide). You will never walk in your heels, strappy sandals, pumps or boots the same. In fact you will wonder how you walked in them for that long with out these products.

iwhite-kit.jpgQ: I have used every toothpaste or beauty product that promises “White Teeth”. I am wondering with all this stuff on the market if there are any products that really work to whiten teeth? A white smile does a lot of things. It can make you look younger. Make your skin appear brighter. It can help you get a job. It can help you get that second date. So it’s no surprise that the market is flooded with teeth whiteners and bleachers. But with so many products consumers can get overwhelmed. I have helped by narrowing your search down for you to two products that really work.

The first is the iWHITE Teeth Whitening Kit ($44.99, iwhitesmile.com). The kit delivers fast and effective results with their breaktrough at home teeth whitening technology. IWHITE Teeth Whitening kit contains several bleaching foam strips and mouth tray that activates the strips with pulses of neon Electroluminescent energy. This energy is directed through the molecules of matter of the whitening gel. Now it is really high tech but all you have to know is that after a few safe treatments you are left with impossibly white teeth.

200.JPGThe second is Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster ($4.99, Mass Food and Drug chains nationwide). This product brightens your smile quickly and without any extra steps. You just put some of this peroxide gel on top of your toothbrush every time you brush and your left a noticeably whiter smile. It actually contains 2X more whitening than than the leading whitening strip and is enamel safe. It’s the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to really whiten your teeth.

200-1.JPGQ: Summer racks havoc on my skin. What moisturizers, cleansers and potions can I use to keep my healthy spring skin?
The summer heat and humidity can do a real number on your skin. Not to mention the suns harmful UV rays. The first thing is that you want to make sure your always protected with a protective SPF lotion. Hawaiian Tropic makes a great line, including a Ozone Ultimate SPF 80that is oil free and non greasy ($10.99, drugstore.com).

da_d32e_200.jpgBut when you are in the comfort of your living room and your trying to renew that tired skin use Darphin Aromatic Renewing Balm ($75, darphin.com). This overnight solution for dry skin, soothes, relieves tightness and improves skins suppleness stolen by the humidity and the sun. Vitamin E works to protect the complexion from environmental factors and the essential oils blend revitalizes skin. Leaving skin protected, nourished and glowing. Can use as a spot treatment, a weekly deep condition treatment for the skin or as a over night treatment during the summer.

amb_tonic_normal.jpgTo brighten and revitalize dehydrated skin use La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Tonic ($95, laprairie.com). It is a treatment lotion that maximizes the biological activity of the active ingredients, vitamins and oxygen carrier layers, preventing premature oxidation. It contains Vitamins E,A and C to fight against skin damage caused by free radicals. The tonic also relieves and helps inhibit the appearance of redness and information as it soothes and calms. And it is formulated with Sea Water, naturally rich in minerals, to improve hydration. A great soothing tonic that will keep your skin healthy all the way through summer.

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