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We are getting ready to add some new features and columns to Clutch and while brainstorming we realized some of readers are missing out on lots of our interviews and features due to not knowing how to navigate on our site.

We understand lots of our readers think all the new interviews for the month are just on the home page in the “Top 18” boxes, but as most of you know there is ALOT more inside each department. If you click “Fashion“, “Beauty” and “Life.Culture” at the top of each page you will see more articles from the latest issue as well as past issues.

We are always thinking of ways to make your experience here at Clutch better, so we would love to hear from you on our navigation process and how we can make it better! Please vote in the poll below and if possible offer any suggestions and feedback you may have.


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  • Tasha

    Pink I think you are talking about this section which is called new.gossip.info. This is the blog section of clutch. The other parts of clutch is an online magazine which they update every month on the 1st. The old format use to let you scroll, but you can still do that just click new.gossip.info. at the top of the page you then will see all the stories and you can scroll to see them all instead of clicking one by one.

    and they have always had departments with the last site too, which had more stories. it was on the right hand side then now its on the top. yeah you guys gotta look up.