sheamu_new_m1.jpglogo21.jpgsheamu_new_m.jpgIn the summer it’s important that you take extra steps to make sure your hair stays healthy. Between the sun’s rays, humidity and repeated ponytails your hair is under great stress during the summer months. If you don’t make sure your hair is protected and conditioned by the time fall rolls around you will have lots of split ends, broken, frizzy and dry hair.

One of the most exciting and effective products I came across recently was Longhairlovers Luxe Shea-mu Hair Butter ($34, growbeautifulhair.com). This 100% natural silky treatment naturally improves hair condition and scalp health. It turns your dry, frizzy summer hair into lush, shining, bouncing locks with its high concentration of Emu Oil. This oil is unique in its ability to penetrate the scalp and reach the hair’s root. It even helps to clear up scalp conditions such a dermatitis and eczema, which can be particularly worse in the summer’s dry and hot conditions.

And as you use Shea-mu Hair Butter to condition and protect your hair from breakage and the summer’s harsh conditions, you will notice a pleasant side effect of the product, increased hair growth. The Emu Oil and Shea Butter combined help promote growth. You will be left with fabulous, healthy, growing hair. And over time, you’ll experience an improvement in your average monthly hair growth, a healthier scalp and less hair loss and breakage than ever before. Beautiful!

For more information on Longhairlovers Luxe Shea-mu Hair Butter please visit growbeautifulhair.com or www.longhairlovers.com

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