0022-5312.jpg Every woman should own a fabulous little black dress, an eyelash curler and a great body scrub. And while I can’t help you with the first two items this week, I can guide you to a decadent body scrub that will completely satisfy your sweet tooth. ME! Bath Shower Sherbet is a must have sugar-based body scrub that comes in 16 ounce ice cream pints that look so yummy that you will want to eat it ($24, makeup.com). It is rich in Jojoba oil and Vitamin E that helps to soften skin as you exfoliate it. So not only does it remove dead dry skin cells, it moisturizes the skin left behind.

The ME! Bath Shower Sherbet comes in a variety of deliciously decadent scents including Peaches n’ Cream, Choco-holic, Lavender Lullaby, Papaya Nectar and Strawberry Kiwi. My favorite right now is the Gotta Have It Pomegranate, which smells equally juicy, clean and sweet. A perfect scented scrub for the summer time. I couldn’t get enough of the vibrant scent and even skipped my daily lotion and body spray because my skin smelled that great after the scrub.

ME! Bath Shower Sherbet is a delicious and energizing way to treat your body to something sweet. And instead of added calories with other treats, with this sweet treat you are only left with beautifully smooth skin. Delicious!

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