sizemedium-1.gifThere is nothing more annoying then trying to find a ringing cell phone in the bottom of a crowded purse. Or trying to find a lip gloss only to pull out a broken face powder. And I don’t want to even tell you how much time I have spent searching and shaking my purse for my house keys.

Well recently I came across a product that might solve this problem for ever! The Purse Pleaser is the ultimate purse organizer. It is a lightweight organizer designed to secure items in your purse. ($24.95, pursepleaser.com). No more digging gum from the coins on the bottom. The Purse Pleaser fits small, medium and large handbags and comes in 3 sizes sold together to meet your individual needs, so it will fit almost any size purse.

The Purse Pleaser is made out of lightweight plastic, so it won’t break or add to the weight of your purse. The compartments are designed to fit common items like cell phones, makeup, credit cards and even has a built in receipt holder. And the compartments are deep so items won’t fall out. So, save your sanity and the bottom of your purse and check out this ingenious organizer.

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  • Kimberly

    I am here to tell you THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! I have been using this in my purse for over a year now and can not imagine living life without it! It simply fits inside your purse and organizes everything… I am able to get to everything quickly and my items stand up so I am able to see them as well. I was very surprised that this product fits into ALL MY PURSES… from small to large size handbags I am completly organized, THANKS TO THE PURSE PLEASER!

  • my girl needs this she is ALWAYS digging in there for something