Just a few tips…

Cleansing the face should also include the neck and area behind the ears because oils can accumulate. If you have long hair, pull the hair away from face using a ponytail holder or hair clip.

First, remove eye makeup. Because some eye makeup is extended wear, water alone will not remove all traces. Rather, choose specific eye makeup remover. Using a cotton ball or wash cloth, apply a dab of eye makeup remover, and gently cleanse the eyes and area under the eyebrow. Clean until all traces are removed. This is helpful with taking off eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara.

* Remove waterproof mascara and eye liner using baby oil or baby shampoo.

Second, cleanse the face. Do not cleanse face or neck with soap. The ingredients in soap are sometimes harsh and may rob the face of natural moisturizers. Instead, pick a cleanser purposed for the face. Many brands such as Ponds, Neutrogena, and Oil of Olay are excellent with removing impurities and moisturizing the face. Once or twice a week, apply a face mask to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Prior to applying the facial cleanser, gently splash the face with warm water. This allows the cleanser to lather.

[Source: AC]

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