Over the last few seasons fashionistas have subconsciously outgrown their super skinny pointy toed stilettos and have come to adore rounder toes and wedges. But, our style sensors have been alerted to take heed of a developing trend…the platform.

The deceptively structured heels are actually less painful than they appear. As the sole of a pair of platforms can typically measure around 1 inch, what looks like the height of the heel is reduced. So, what might seem to be a pair of 4 inched achy heels could surprisingly feel like a tolerable pair of 3 inched heels.

Aside from easily ending up taller than your date in some pairs, we’ve seen platforms universally chic whether dressed up or down. In patent leather, brightly colored, patterned or metallic, they’ve pumped up a few t-shirt and jeans ensembles and made a simple dress sexy and edgy.

Just stay away from the pair with the goldfish swimming around inside!

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