welovejune08.jpgI wonder if anything can be as relaxing as coming home after a long work day, kicking off your heels, lighting a candle and soaking in a luxurious bubble bath. But in reality how often do you allow yourself the luxury of a soothing bubble bath? Who has time with every thing else we have to do. Well Voluspa created the perfect candle to bring a bubble bath to you if you don’t have the time to go to a bubble bath.

Voluspa Yuzu Rose Bubble Bath Triple Wick Candle Tin ($20, your-cosmetics.com) brings the bubble bath right to you in an elegant decorated tin. As you open the tin you are immediately greeted by the beautiful scent of Nur Mahal rose. This is an antique musk rose that’s famous for its crimson petals and enticing fragrance. A bubble bath with rose petals. Voluspa’s candle also mixes cool citrus notes of pink yuzu, lemongrass, and sparkling grenadine. Once I lit the candle I could easily pick out the different notes but was also surprised out how well they worked together. A perfect combination.

So during the summer if you catch yourself yearning for a relaxing bubble bath but have to return emails, finish a project and clean up the kitchen, light the Voluspa Yuzu Rose Bubble Bath Candle. It takes you right to the edge of the tub even if you aren’t even close to the bathroom. With 80 hours of burn time this candle should last you all summer.

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