dailyphoto080711.jpgEddie Murphy Stars in Sci-Fi Meet Dave
It’s going to take a lot to get us to forgive them for Norbit, but Eddie Murphy and director Brian Robbins have atoned for some of their cinematic sins with Meet Dave. The summer popcorn flick manages to deliver more than the standard sci-fi send-up, thanks to a solid supporting cast – most of whom come from TV – that help bolster Murphy’s average work. (In this Murphy doubleheader, he seems content to skim the best of his resumé – Axel Foley’s laugh from Beverly Hills Cop and Prince Akeem’s Coming to America accent.) And the script by Rob Greenberg (Frasier) and Mystery Science Theater 3000 alum Bill Corbett manages to get some good yuks in amid the now-standard bathroom jokes. An orb has been sent from the planet Nil to drain Earth’s oceans to power Nil’s salt-starved dying world, and its teeny-tiny inhabitants follow to try to track it down, travelling in a spaceship that’s a human-sized replica of their captain (Murphy), dressed in a white suit that looks like it was lifted from John Travolta’s closet, circa 1977. (Continue Reading…)

GM, Procter & Gamble Pull Ads on BET
Media watchdogs are declaring it a victory. Black Entertainment Television hasn’t said much, and advertisers are mum. What is clear, though, is that at least two top advertisers – automaking giant General Motors and consumer goods manufacturer Procter & Gamble – have pulled ads from BET’s “Rap City” and “106 & Park” programs. “Rap City” features music videos and artist interviews, and “106 & Park” is a top 10 music video countdown. They air at 4 and 5 p.m. (CDT) respectively-attracting a large under-18, after-school audience. (Continue Reading…)

Obama Says He’s Not ‘Distancing Himself’ from Black Community
U. S. Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee and possibly America’s first Black president, denies that he is distancing himself from Black constituents as he seeks to win broader support in the general election. “I’ve spent the last year and a half on the campaign talking about problems of poverty and problems of injustice. That’s been what my whole campaign has been built around,” Obama said in an exclusive interview with the NNPA News Service. “My answer is that’s what I’ve been doing my whole campaign.” (Continue Reading…)

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