logo-dt_medium.jpg32537_in_l2.jpgIt all starts with a small rip in a seemingly inconspicuous location, but before you know it you’ve got a gaping hole that renders your favorite pair of jeans completely useless. You could retire your denim darlings to the outer realms of the closet as you reminisce about the days when you couldn’t imagine getting dressed without them or there’s another option — restore them to their former glory by sending them to therapy…denim therapy that is. Francine Rabinovich, founder of Denim Therapy, has come up with an ingenious solution so that you and your beloved {insert can’t live without them brand name here} jeans, never have to part ways again.

Clutch: Denim Therapy is such a great idea! I know I would have serious anxiety issues about throwing my favorite pair of jeans away. How did you come up with the idea?
Denim Therapy: I felt the same anxiety about my jeans and being a doer, I decided to find the solution to salvage my favorite pair of jeans. After I did, I realized I was not the only one who needed it.

Clutch: What fashion experience did you have prior to starting Denim Therapy?
Denim Therapy: Aside from being obsessed with jeans, none. I have a branding and marketing background and enlisted a fashion designer friend of mine to help me find the cure for torn jeans.

Clutch: Tell us a little bit about the process of reviving damaged denim.
Denim Therapy: Jeans are evaluated by Denim Therapy for criteria essential to their successful reconstruction. No group therapy! Every jean that comes in receives individual evaluation. We use a unique reconstructive technique that places new cotton fibers into the existing denim fabric to replace the undesirable holes. We do this by color matching the color of the fabric we insert to the current color of faded and torn jeans.


Clutch: What’s the worst case scenario that you’ve ever been faced with? Have you ever met a pair of jeans that just couldn’t be fixed?
Denim Therapy: That is a tough one. We have seen all sorts of tears. However, as long as there is a hole, we can fix it.

Clutch: What are the most common repairs that you have to make?
Denim Therapy: I’d say inner thighs for women and knees and crotch for men.

Clutch: Once we get our jeans back from denim therapy, how should we take care of them in order to prevent major wear and tear in the future?
Denim Therapy: Same way you should care for any pair of jeans…
1. Don’t wash your jeans after each and every wear!
2. Wash your jeans inside out in warm water. No bleach.
3. Air-dry your jeans. Try to avoid drying them in the dryer.
4. If you really must dry your jeans, tumble dry on low.
5. If all else fails, send your jeans to the dry cleaner.


For more information about Denim Therapy please visit www.denimtherapy.com

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