2008_6_currentelliothiwaist.jpgWith a client list from MTV to W magazine, its no surprise that styling duo Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are slated to debut their self-titled denim label . Using plush Japanese denim manufactured in America — Los Angeles to be exact-creating a worn in vintage look but most importantly perfecting the fit you’ve always wanted. Each individual piece is a sort of history lesson in denim with style names like “THE LAUREL CANYON”,”THE HARLEY VEST” and “THE FONTAINE SHORT”;ranging from the 1950-‘s to 80’s. Meritt and Elliott were able to capture the essence and authenticity of each era. Their ability to transcend time is a defining element of mainstay within the industry. The feel and fit offer a classic look in a new era of vintage. It just goes to show that real fashion never goes out of style unlike trends, it recreates, resurfaces or reappears for a second look!


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