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Who is MUFFY?
The Atlanta “Rich Girl” who isn’t afraid to step outside of the box both with her music and her fashion choices. Beyond the hot pink hair and playgirl sound is a sweet Southern girl who’s fashion sense forces us all to ponder taking a risks.

Muffy on style in Hip Hop…
EVE, LIL KIM, MISSY, FOXY BROWN, TRINA, EVEN LIL MAMA…I actually feel like all the female rappers who ever hit mainstream made an impact on style in their own way. As an artist you actually represent a piece of someone out there in the fan world. It’s a part of each of these women that are in a part or the whole of us all. Since they are able to express it by getting their hands on the best stuff to express their personal style then the impact is always great. Like when TLC was out, all the girls I know that had even a bit of tomboy in them went in with that whole style. Same as for with Lil Kim and Foxy, everyone went designer crazy. With Trina everybody just knew they were the “Baddest Bitch”, Lil Mama and Missy really appeal to the retro hip-hop style and 80’s lovers fell on in.

Muffy on her style influences…
TLC with the multicolors and fun looks. Erykah Badu with her sometime “hobo glam” style. She mixes and matches and it always comes out super funky. I really looked back even before my time and admired Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, Gwen Stefani as well. I’m not sure which I reflect the most, but anyone of them that would throw on a pair of dirty Converse with their best Versace or Marc Jacobs gown or dress is probably the one I’d copy the most.

Muffy on what makes a real trendsetter…
I believe that it [her style] will impress freedom of expression and for every generation I believe this is a ROCK-STAR’s JOB! To show our youth that it is your choice and you can be beautiful how ever you feel beautifully possible. Nowadays, I feel like their are less and less artist who dare to be true trendsetters. They are trendy though but, its a big difference. Trendsetters roll with what actually feels good to them and that inspires the world…and people who follow trends are just fly people who “know how to dress” or whose stylist knows how to dress them. The stylist are who usually are being creative anyway. But, for me the stylist have to work with what I got going on.. (giggles).

Muffy’s most memorable trends…
The condom over the eye from Left Eye, the hair swoop By Aaliyah, Kelis’ colorful locks of curls, Trina’s funky boots, Erykah’s comfortable but sexy wraps and humongous Afro’s and super long braids, Salt N’ Pepa’s asymmetrical and bamboo earrings.

Muffy’s style icons…
My Mom. She’s always encouraged me to express myself… even though her style is quite posh and even conservative. Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Erykah Badu, Joi, TLC, Cyndi Lauper, Patrica Fields and Betsey Johnson. I actually like any one who doesn’t follow a style manual. I like people who are most likely to get on the worst dressed list for trying it. I LOVE the FREE Dressers!

Muffy looking ahead…
I would like to see my style just evolve into a more refined me. As I climb up the ladder of success I expect to gain the means to gather the perfect materials to express myself. I would like my style to be reflective of my outer and inner beauty. To express my growth as an artist as well. I plan to get my Vogue on. I can see my self in more sexy shoes and boots… and set the sneaks aside for a while. But I will never stop loving my sneakers. But I would be cool with strutting in some extremely high heels, Balenciagas, Jimmy Choos or some foreign shoes I have yet to hear of.

For more on Muffy Cupcakeopia check out www.myspace.com/muffymommy

Muffy CupcakeopiaMuffy CupcakeopiaMuffy CupcakeopiaMuffy Cupcakeopia

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