31ipfpfxyll_sl500_aa280_.jpg1. In the summer my skin gets darker and my foundation ends up being to light. So I need a new foundation. What foundations do you recommend?
You bring up a common problem for those whose skin gets more color in the sun and walk around sporting mismatch foundation during the summer. The solution for me has been to find a lightweight foundation half way through the summer that matches my average summer skin. Not the lightest or the darkest color your skin will be in the summer. I pick a color in the middle to buy for my foundation. Then in the winter I have a different color that I use. For the spring and fall transitions I then mix the two to get close to the shade I am. Iman’s Second to None Cream to Powder Foundation is perfect no matter what the season ($13.99, walgreens.com). It gives you a truly flawless look and the powder glides on like silk. And all though it provides you the coverage of a cream foundation it leaves you with a velvety powder finish. Plus, they have a ton of colors so you are sure to find one that matches your skin tone throughout the year.

_5625205.jpg2. They discontinued my favorite fragrance. And now I am lost because I wore it everyday. Help!!!!
I feel your pain. Trust me, I have been there and it’s hard — especially when it was your signature scent. But instead of spending all my time trying to see if anybody posted an old bottle on eBay, I used it as an opportunity to find a new fragrance, a new signature.

Let me help you find your new scent. The freshest most unexpected scent that has passed under my nose this summer is Estee Lauder Sensuous Eau de Parfum ($39.50 – $69.50, esteelauder.com). Sensuous is a warm, inviting, woody amber fragrance that is complex and risky. The fragrance notes are a harmonious blend of woody, spicy, and floral that melt into your skin once it is applied. It truly is a new way to define your sensuous self.

e4pa_l.jpg3. Eye shadows always look really different on me then they do in their packages. It drives me crazy and I waste a lot of money on colors that I can’t wear. What can I do? Bobbi Brown creates eye shadows and blushes that go on the closest I have seen to the color you see in the package. The Shimmer Wash Eye Shadows( $20, bobbibrowncosmetics.com) are sheer, lightly pearlized shadows that softly illuminate lids or can be used as a highlighter shade under the brow bone. The color is soft but provides a shot of true shimmery color. My favorites include Seashell and Copper Sand. And with 8 new shades you will want more then one so buy a Bobbi Brown 4 Pan palette ($10) and pick your favorite blushes and shadows to fill it. You won’t waste money with these great products.

p146810_hero.jpg4. I have a big date first date with a guy I am really interested in. What are some beauty items I should invest in to make sure this isn’t the first and LAST date?
Ahh, nothing like a first date with someone you actually like. The butterflies, the week spent getting ready, the awkward first kiss. Nothing like it. Well you will have to look your best. The one product that is a must is Nars Body Oil because it makes your skin irresistible ($59, saksfifthavenue.com). If you wear this from head to toe your date will be powerless against you. It is created with a unique blend of Monoi de Tahiti coconut oil, the delicate fragrance of the Tiare flower and a rich chocolate shimmer that will leave your skin glowing. And you can use it in your hair. Or during your pre-date bubble bath.

0623_mouthrinse.jpgAnd don’t forget the most important factor on whether that first kiss will be your only kiss, your breath. Make sure you have your breath is minty fresh before you even pucker your lips. Try rinsing with Dentyne Ice™ Mouth Rinse ($3.49, drfresh.com or Target stores). This alcohol-free cool mouth wash leaves your mouth kissably clean without the “burn” associated with alcohol-based mouthwashes. Kills odor causing bacteria with flavors such as Arctic Chill or Shiver Mint. Swish this around a couple times and you will be ready for the first kiss when you open the door.

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