1552318329_180d806345.jpgIf you’re looking to make a wise fashion investment this season, definitely bet on the dress. More of a summer necessity than a trend, dresses are a great way to up your chic quotient without much effort. A stylish frock can easily save the day on any fashion challenged occasion. While scouring the net for more jewels to add to our ever growing dress collection we came across fresh designs by Megan Huntz.

The Atlanta native, who attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, has been living in Italy for the past five years where she currently works her magic. Made of 100% silk, numbered and colored by hand these limited edition, these life-is-a-party perfect dresses are comparable to works of art. Each dress is part of a unique series that’s designed to transcend the latest trends, so you’ll be able enjoy them for years to come without looking the least bit dated. Evoking a vintage feel while maintaining a contemporary edge, dresses by Megan Huntz are a necessity for the maverick who doesn’t need a special reason to get all dolled up.


For more information on Megan Huntz please visit www.meganhuntz.com

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