2008-05-14-4cc4ac373c.jpgIn a raspy baritone voice he sang, “I can do it with my eyes closed…with my hands behind my back.” I thought, “Word?!” and immediately became a fan of Georgia based singer/song writer, Anthony David. Anyone who promises to turn my “Monday morning blue into a Friday night party” deserves a second, third and fourth listen! Anthony David’s music is soulful and honest pulling completely from personal experience of love and relationships, family, life and self. With his third album Acey Ducey, David brings to the table once again a refreshing mix of laidback blues and modern soul. Clutch caught up with the artist to talk about his new album, what inspired his musical career and the special someone currently pulling at his heartstrings.

Clutch: A lot of artists head west to Los Angeles or north to New York for inspiration but you’ve mentioned before that your artistic passion was ignited in Atlanta. How so?
Anthony David: It’s just that a lot of people who are artist were really going for it. Starting with the poetry scene, it’s just a city with a lot of people who come out and support the independent stuff. Lots of culture from independent films to art shows…and it was near home. Our city has a really good live scene.

Clutch: So, Atlanta was essentially the foundation for your music career. Have you always been writing music?
Anthony David: I’ve always been a writer: stories when I was a kid, screen plays when I moved to Atlanta. I always wrote songs but I never really thought of doing something with it. Then I thought, “Hey, I can turn these same stories into five minute songs.”

Clutch: You’re a military brat and were once enlisted yourself. Were you carrying your guitar around then?
Anthony David: No I didn’t even play until I moved to Atlanta. No one from Savannah really even knows I can sing!

Clutch: You’re good friends with India.Arie and have worked with her before, writing “A Part of My Life” on Acoustic Soul and “There’s Hope” on Testimony: Vol. 1 Life & Relationship. It’s nice seeing you collaborate together on “Words.” A modern day Marvin and Tammi, Donny and Roberta?
Anthony David: Yeah, I like the sound of that!

Clutch: What is “Words” saying…in your own words?
Anthony David: It’s saying…it’s hard to say these things in words. The best thing is to back emotions and words up with action.

Clutch: “Heartstrings” is my favorite song from Three Chords and the Truth. Is there anyone presently pulling at your heartstrings?
Anthony David: Yes, I’m in a relationship. I’m actually engaged.

Clutch: Congratulations!
Anthony David: Thank you.

Clutch: What would you say is the most challenging aspect of being on the scene as opposed to writing?
Anthony David: The difficult part…This is something I want to do! I’m in the music business so the business part isn’t that fresh sometimes. I have to defend myself, deal with egos, do things that aren’t art related. In sales, it’s one thing to make something good enough to sell on its own but you have to expose it…

Clutch: Where did you get the name for your third album, Acey Ducey?
Anthony David: Because it is a combination of the two albums, one being acoustic and one being not acoustic. And “acey ducey” together is my nickname.

Clutch: What have you learned from making your last two albums, touring, etc that will be brought to the table on Acey Ducey?
Anthony David:Well, they’ve just cultivated me as an artist. I got better and I know the strength in the songs, and I know that people can relate to them. The last thing I did recently was with Boys II Men with a guitar. There was this big R&B group and then just me and my guitar. And I did my thing, and everyone was loving it, giving me more confidence.

Clutch: I haven’t seen you live, but I really enjoy listening to your live performances. What does performing live do for you?
Anthony David: It reinforces that stuff. That I have stuff people can relate to, and I love to find the similarities between different people.

Clutch: You really are laidback!
Anthony David: [Laughs] Well, sometimes it does get hectic.

Clutch: We wish you much success with Acey Ducey and we look forward to seeing you July in NYC!
Anthony David: Thank you. The album is out June 24. Emily King and I are starting an acoustic tour…I’ll be everywhere.

For more on Anthony David, visit www.anthonydavidmusic.com and www.myspace.com/anthonydavid

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