_mg_9184.jpgAs a style driven local on the downtown NYC scene you unknowingly exude the Married To The Mob energy. Your art is your life, your passion and your hustle. You value to the utmost your autonomy, your individuality and your crew who are more than likely the “most official b!#ches” you know. Revered as one of defining brands of the women’s streetwear movement, creator Leah McSweeney’s natural niche in design has resulted in the highly successful brand Married To The Mob.

Clutch: We know being bored on a hot summer day gave you the idea to start Married To The Mob. But, there’s gotta be a little more to how you came about developing the concept and what it means to you. Tell us about it.
Leah: Honestly, there was no concept developing or anything like that. I just knew if I was going to do a clothing line it would have to represent me and my friends, what we were about, where we lived etc. All the MOB girls are very strong individuals and I think that really bled through all the interviews, photo shoots and the designs and messages on the tees. Girls around the world identified with the MOB lifestyle and really took to the brand. It all happened really naturally.

Clutch: What defines a M.O.B.?
Leah: Good question! I would say a “Most Official Bitch” is the kind of girl who speaks her mind and isn’t fronting for anyone. She definitely likes to look fly but isn’t afraid to get dirty if she needs to!


Clutch: Getting your hands on a Married To The Mob t-shirt feels like “you’ve arrived”, you guys are constantly selling out! How do you keep up production and every other aspect of the business yourself?
Leah: I don’t! In the last few months I have hired a few people to help out. MOB is growing at a crazy rate there was no way I could keep up. I mean, I did it for a while but it was starting to get a little too real for me. Plus, now I have to worry about a lot more then just tee shirt production but a whole grip. MOB is making lots of moves and expanding, and there is no way me and my right hand bitch, Lourdes, could have managed this on our own. There comes a time where you have to trust people and let go a little. It’s hard but it’s what needs to be done in the end.

Clutch: MTTM has done some big collaborations like the limited edition Reebok Freestyle High. How did you come about hooking up with Reebok and Colette? How surprised were you by the finished product?
Leah: Sarah Lerfel (Colette owner) hooked it up and brought me in to design the Freestyle for Colette. I was very satisfied with the outcome. They really are some hot kicks.

Clutch: Are there any other collaborations currently in the works?
Leah: I’m constantly working on projects so, yes. I have some products that will be dropping throughout the year.

Clutch: How close are we to getting our hands on a MOB sneaker?
Leah: Lots of shit to come…


Clutch: You have flip flops with an interesting message. Enlighten us, how have “men become the new women”?
Leah: Oh boy…well it really was directed at the dudes in the “streetwear scene” because I’ve never seen anything like it. The whole dressing for other guys and waiting on line for a tee shirt and comparing outfits and worshiping Kanye West just all seems really gay to me. But really the slogan can be taken many ways. I mean we had a woman running for President…more and more you see dads staying home with the kids while women go to work. Shit is changing.

Clutch: If you had to compare MOB to a leading high fashion brand which house would it be? What similarities do you see?
Leah: Wow, let’s see…God I don’t know if I’m worthy to compare MOB to a brand like this but if it had to be one I would have to say Chanel. Yikes! I only say this because I like to think that MOB keeps the graphics and design simple and clean yet big and bold…kind of like Chanel.

Clutch: Last month on Clutch we featured our favorite Street Style Icons and almost all the ladies attested that MOB was one of the top street wear brands to look out for. Who are some of MOB’s favorite Street Style Icons?
Leah: I’m not exactly sure what a street style icon is, but I will say that my sister Sarah is my muse.

Clutch: What’s in store for us MOB fans?
Leah: We will be dropping in fall. I’ll have a whole bunch of stuff beyond tees. Basically, you’ll be able to wear MOB from head to toe.


For more information on Married To The Mob please visit www.marriedtothemobnyc.com and www.mobliving.com.

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