5175-default-l.jpgTo talk about fashion’s street-wear culture and not mention Kidrobot isn’t exactly a sin, but it should be. Kidrobot, founded in 2002 by Paul Budnitz, is one of the leading retailers of art toys and street-wear apparel. Intermixing graffiti, fashion, and elements of pop culture, Kidrobot is definitely in a league of their own.

Rewinding back a few years to the company’s conception, Kidrobot was first known for their artistic collector’s toys. Designed by artist across the globe, these toys are crafted using vinyl and then hand painted. Although I must admit, unique indeed, they have the faces that only a fan or collector could love, but cute nonetheless. They even have a cool way to purchase your toy with a technique called Blind Assortment. “Blind Buying” is where each box has several characters printed on it, and the only way to find out which is inside is to buy the surprise filled box. Interesting concept and seemingly fun way to shop!

However, here at Clutch we don’t need another reason to shop, but Kidrobot couldn’t have given us a better one. In 2006 Budnitz released Kidrobot’s first apparel line. Two years and four exclusive retail stores later, Kidrobot has been featured in Women’s Wear Daily, YRB, Paper, and now Clutch Magazine. Showcasing vibrant colors and bold capricious patterns the clothing is equally as artistic as the toys. The line has something for everyone, men, women and kids, including everything from hoodies and sneakers, to skirts and bathing suits. Sizes range from xtra-small to large and prices start at $25 (for kids) $40 (for adults).

Having a can’t stop won’t stop mentality they recently debuted their first bag line consisting of totes, duffle(s), fanny-packs, and the classic street-wear bag of choice backpacks. Kidrobot’s new fall line is now available on their website. For more information or to purchase Kidrobot collectibles and apparel please visit www.kidrobot.com.



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