hairex2.jpgAbout Leslie Leland & Hair-Ex
In addition to her music industry milestones, Leslie Leland is a pioneer in the hair extension import business – a 40 billion dollar industry! Through her extensive research, she identified an amazing opportunity in the African-American marketplace and has become the face and source behind Hair-Ex, an Atlanta based extension hair retail store with an impressive national and international customer base. Hair-Ex specializes in importing the best hair extensions directly from India and retailing the exclusive product to the general public. In less than 2 years, Hair-Ex annual sales have been well over 500k. Additionally, Essence magazine has cited Hair-Ex as one of “the best” places to buy great hair alongside industry veterans, Extensions Plus, Adorable, and Lugos.

In 2005, while working with country singer Rissi Palmer, Leslie became interested in the hair extension business which was widely popular in the entertainment and music industry. Almost everyone around her in the entertainment business was wearing a weave and she wondered where it had originated. Leslie did some investigation and found that beauty supply stores, which are the leading retailer of private label extension hair brands, were largely owned by the Asian market.

With women of color making up 60 to 80 percent of extension hair sales in the United States, there was surprisingly no African-American business presence in the marketplace. Leslie set out to learn as much as she could about hair extensions and vowed to become the African-American female brand company for woman of color. She traveled to India in December 2005, returned with 200 pounds of hair, and hit the ground running. Utilizing her street promotion skills, Leslie was able to create a buzz in Atlanta and NYC in no time at all! January 2006 brought in the New Year with a retail store in Buckhead, GA. By May, 2006, she traded up to Sandy Springs, GA, just minutes outside of Atlanta, and in a larger complex.

Leslie has redefined the culture of hair extensions through her unique ability to epitomize the glamour, lure, fixation and practicality of hair extensions through her lifestyle. She markets a celebrity image to her client base of college students, every day professionals, housewives, lawyers, and doctors in a manner that creates an identifiable brand that spells success and customer loyalty. She has become the visual image that motivates ordinary woman to wear hair extensions. Leslie markets her brand to what she refers to as the ‘Everyday Girl’ who thinks like a celebrity. Quite quickly Leslie and her Indian hair became the one to watch. For more information on Hair-Ex please visit www.hair-ex.com.

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