Fly girls, debonair misses, and around the way girls are remembering that this summer calls for taking in the view –so that they can stop to smell the roses — actually more like wear them! From the runways, to our favorite stars and every local bbq around, the flower-power print is back on the scene. It’s not those scary dresses mommy dressed us up in on Sunday mornings, now designers have added a powerful whimsical flair to the friendly trend!

Style Architects like Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney and of course Tracy Reese have all added to the trend by illustrating languid, wild and subtle over lapping flowers. It’s a garden movement that has influenced young fashionistas everywhere to make bold statements. Adorned on pencil skirts, sexy tube tops, and demurely fit dresses, pretty mixed floral prints simply projects confidence and individuality from a far. Instead of summer minis and bright neon colored tanks, bamboo wearing, marc-toting vixens are opting for riots of lush and wild blooms on their curves that’s surely making a statement.

From artist like M.I.A. who gives floral print a rebel flare all the way to movie starlet and fashion’s new muse Kerry Washington, flowers are no longer for the mundane. Statements are being made all over with vivacious strokes of illustrated lush, brightly multi-colored palettes. A new trend that puts to rest that floral prints are bland grannyesque motifs. So all you scared flower buds, add your own twist and grow with the trend!

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