zoz1.jpgzhozet.png Edwina and Jennifer Ofori are out to change the way women shop! Introducing Zhozet the exclusive new shopping experience, where being a client definitely has its benefits. We chatted with the sister entreprenuers to find out more about the appointment only concept boutique.

Q: Who is behind this gem of a boutique? How long has it been open? Behind the gem is a sister duo, Edwina Ofori,32, (CEO) & Jennifer Ofori,29,(President) from New York. Zhozet has been opened since May 12, 2008.

Q: What made you decide to go with the shop by appointment concept?
We were tired of unpleasant, incomplete shopping experiences. The both of us love to shop but it became more laborious than therapeutic. Unless you are shopping at a high end designer boutique, you can certainly expect to deal with overcrowded stores, long lines, and too many of the same items which unfortunately lead to being at places where 2-3 women are wearing the same outfit. Dreadful at the time, it gave birth to the greatest idea ever ~ a ‘private’ boutique perfectly placed in New York City’s Fashion District offering an exceptional selection of avant-garde ready-to-wear pieces while providing clients with customized, complimentary services only celebrities have been afforded until now.

After surveying hundreds of women and men, we confirmed that our creative minds were not just running wild and that the ‘by appointment only’ concept is precisely what most people do want and deserve when shopping.

Q: How have your customers responded to the exclusive idea?
Our clients absolutely love the shopping experience! They feel special shopping at Zhozet. They enjoy the exclusivity of shopping by themselves or with friends in a private setting, playing with the pieces, having a glass of wine or two, listening to their favorite music and getting the right amount of attention from our style consultant.


Q: Once we make an appointment, what kind of shopping experience can we expect when we walk through doors at Zhozet?
Arriving at Zhozet for your appointment is like walking into Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. The pieces make you feel like you’re re-living your favorite “Sex in the City” episode while the experience is custom designed to your perfection. You and/or a group of friends are welcomed to the visit with champagne cocktails or a glass of wine. As the soothing sounds of Chrisette Michelle, Nina Simone or Estelle (can be personalized to the guests liking prior to their visit) background music is playing, you slip on fashion forward frocks and mix and match pieces to create signature looks. The stylist will give each guest her undivided attention and expertise with picking pieces that fit your style while preparing any item requiring off-premise tailoring.
Ultimately, our clients are extremely happy knowing we have given them the best shopping experience from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

Q: Tell us about some of the up and coming designers and brands that you carry?
We love discovering emerging designers bursting with talent and on the cusp of becoming the next ‘it’ name in fashion. We feature collections by JPJ, Delirius, 2fer and Sumie Tachibana to name a few. Their styles vary from “edgy funk” to “sexy casual” to “timeless sophistication.” At Zhozet, it is easy to find pieces that compliment your mood and personality.

Because we cater to a female that loves her designer brands yet is just as interested in the undiscovered, she may find that Diane Von Furstenberg dress or Anna Sui piece she’s been looking for everywhere.

Q: Becoming a member of Zhozet comes with pretty exclusive perks. How can clients go about becoming members?
Since we do not advertise our boutique, most of our members are either invited, referred by other members, attend one of our events, or read about us online. You can sign up for the VIP list on our website which entitles you to receive emails on new collection arrivals, up and coming designers, “Get the Look”- which details the latest trends, what’s next on the runways around the world and how to style the look of the moment. Members will also be invited to trunk shows and upcoming events.

Upon your first visit to the boutique, we create a client profile where information about style interests, size and personal taste are stored so we can tailor the total shopping experience to your preference. All of our members are VIP and the exclusivity we provide creates that feel.

Q: You obviously cater to a woman who is shopping for something that they won’t see everybody else wearing. What items are your customers gravitating towards right now? Honestly, because our pieces are very flexible and can be taken from day to evening wear, clients gravitate toward an array of pieces at the boutique. All our intricately detailed, cutting-edge jackets for the Spring and Fall are sold immediately. Our signature tuxedo-inspired ruffle shirts are a staple that most of our clients have at least one of. Right now, our dresses with hidden pockets are very chic as well as high waist pencil skirts in sumptuous fabrics that cinch the waist and accentuate every woman’s natural hour glass silhouette.

Q: Do you ever plan to offer the Zhozet shopping experience on-line?
Yes, we do plan on offering clients an exclusive shopping experience online with the same feel and quality service as they would get at the boutique.


Q: Is there anything you would like our readers to know about Zhozet?
Zhozet is a by “Appointment Only” enabling us to give our clients the ultimate spree and an unparalleled shopping experience. Appointments can be made on the “RSVP” page. You can find a sampling of the merchandise we carry on the “Lookbook” and “Gallery” page of our website. Add your name to our VIP list so you receive invitations to our upcoming trunk shows and events as well as updates on new collections available at the boutique.

In the near future, we plan on expanding Zhozet to other fashion meccas like Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington D.C.

Realizing how convenient it is for a stylist to pick up pieces at one boutique for their client or photo shoot, we extend our services to personal shoppers & stylists. We house an array of styles that have versatility and the edge they are looking to incorporate in their project(s).

We are also constantly looking for innovative designers to feature at the boutique. If you are an emerging designer interested, please contact us at [email protected]

For more information visit www.Zhozet.com.

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