• Dre

    It’s nice to see this European magazine acknowledging the beauty of Black women. It’s a good look.

  • Ebony

    I am soo not a negative person that looks to for the bad in everything, but as an avid reader of Vogue I was sorely dissappointed with the issue. Now Stephen Meisel is an incredible photographer and the editorials were beautiful, But the issue as a whole lacked depth showing how limited and shallow thier view of blacks really are. All of the models on the covers are beautiful but they are all industry standards of what beauty is. It did prove that black faces can sell magazines, so I guess its the thought that counts right.

  • Tiffany W.

    I can definitely say that I’m on Team Sessilee now. I was upset at first because the ads are nearly all white. However, this Vogue is a very beautiful. I am anxious to see how this will change things if it will at all.