dailyphoto080820.jpgLaurence Fishburne joining “CSI” cast
Stage and screen star Laurence Fishburne’s last turn as a series regular on network television was the role of Cowboy Curtis on the 1980s kids show “Pee-wee’s Playhouse.” So the acclaimed actor better known for playing dark, brooding characters says he looks forward to his new TV gig as a forensics investigator with disturbing tendencies on the hit CBS detective drama “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” (Continue Reading…)

Study: Race Does Not Effect Prison Sentencing Is the justice system blind or biased? That’s at the heart of a newly finalized study by the University of Nevada-Reno. It says race does not play a role in criminal sentencing and that has critics crying foul. Last week Eyewitness News was told race did play a role. Now UNR says, after looking at criminal history, drug use and a host of other factors, the courts have no bias when it comes to race. Critics say that’s because the racism starts long before the case reaches the courtroom. The findings were unveiled Monday during a legislative hearing. The original study simply compared statistics of prisoners behind bars and race and looked at no other factors. (Continue Reading…)

The Census is Coming: Will Blacks be Counted? The census is coming, that once every decade event that requires America to count her citizens. Dubbed “Census 2010: A New Portrait of America,” the event approaches amid increased fears, distrust and anxiety in many communities toward government. “We did a better job counting the majority population in 2000 than we did counting minorities,” said Arnold Jackson, associate director for the decennial census. To remedy that and help underserved communities get their fair share of government funding that is distributed based upon the count, members of New American Media, a national association of over 2,000 ethnic media organizations, met July 30 with census officials. (Continue Reading…)

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