as_9677w_navy.JPGHello Clutchettes! I want to talk to my fellow “size sexy” ladies for this post. I am a size 16 and sometimes have a difficult time finding trendy, moderately priced, high quality clothing to fit my curves. Well, my new best friend, Ashley Stewart, has given me hope! Ashley Stewart’s fashions are geared towards the urban professional woman that also knows how to get her party on!

Since the early 1990s Ashley Stewart has been fashion heaven for my fellow stacked sistas! From denim jeans to Chiffon printed dresses to your basic cami, in sizes 12-26, Ashley Stewart has got it all! Below are a few items I spotted on their website.

Visit www.ashleystewart.com to place an order or to find a location near you.

Surplus Smocked Dress, $14.99Denim Suspender Vest, $29Buckle Front Bolero Top, $14.99 -  $29Surplus Smocked Dress, $14.99

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