Ladies Clutch your pearls and think of a musical concoction mixed with ingredients of good loving, guiltless addiction and melodic rhapsody and you will get a sweet dose of Jesse Boykins the III. At twenty-three years old he is professionally trained musician, not just one of those cute carbon-copied, talent less R&B artist we’ve encountered over the years. The pianist, guitarist, vocal arranger, producer and self- taught music engineer is a former musical apprentice of the man sistas wouldn’t mind being a love slave too, Mr.Bilal. Like his teacher who embodies a keen ear for all eclectic genres of music, Boykins the Chicago born, Jamaican, Miami and Brooklyn raised artist bares new life to a very a mild phase in R&B where it feels like no dude is pushing the bar to be other than a sex symbol. Boykins has no corny crotch grinding on-stage gimmicks, wack constant lip-licks during interviews and wild-bejeweled leather outfits. Now, if you’ve been brainwashed by the ever-present glitz of singers today, get out of that mode because Boykins will force you to change your perspective of what a real artist should be. It can’t get any better than ceasing your eyes on an artist with limitless talent, swagger for days and a humble persona that will have you googly eyed all day long!

To add to his impressive roster the New School University Grad who is surprisingly unsigned has shared the stage with refreshing soulful artists like Eric Roberson, J.Holiday, Anthony David, and Emily King and even sang background for Ms. Keyshia Cole. On a mission to recreate and introduce simply “good music,” Boykins blissfully excites crowds like a young Marvin Gaye, Hathaway or D’angelo. With an eight piece behind him, Boykins vocals glide smoothly on top of mellow drums and echoing heart pumping trumpets. As he amazes fans with his show-stopping showcases and BETJ hit, “Tabloids,” Boykins has already put out a buzz worthy album titled, “Dopamine,” which proves yet again he is more than prepared to bless the world with his dope aesthetic. After a long day of promo shoots, Boykins let’s us sit in and reflect on his grind to be musically respected.

Clutch: You have a very eclectic sound that seems like it derives from everywhere. How has being born in Chicago, raised in Jamaica, Miami and Brooklyn influenced your sound?
JB: So much! It had a lot to do with my entire sound. In Jamaica I was exposed to mostly reggae. Miami and New York is so diverse, and my ears are like sponges. So, with all the different genres of music that I have access to living in NYC there’s no choice but to take in as much good music as possible.

Clutch: Now another influence on your career was working with Bilal, tell us how his mentoring contributed to your musical gifts?
JB: Working with Bilal I really got to see the reflection of a true artist. Very passionate, not afraid to try something even if it comes to him in a dream, and he creates from ideas, pictures whatever…that’s what I think I do with my music too, it’s like at the end of the day music is therapy for the artist and listener.

Clutch: Are you on a label hunt or do you feel like labels should be looking for you. And you don’t have to be modest because it’s very obvious that you fit the requirements of a full-fledged artist.
JB: Thank you, honestly I never really was looking for a major label to pick me up, because I was young and most of the industry people were fast talkers…so I purposely turned down stuff until I felt like I understood and could comprehend the music industry enough to know what a good and bad situation is. I feel like I’m at the level and have a strong team behind me, along with the little momentum from my first release that I’m ready for whatever and I’m going to take it to the next level with or without the majors.

Clutch: Tell us about the latest, “Dopamine,” and other up and coming projects?!
JB: The Dopamine album was really like a spur of the moment thing. It’s inspired by the relationships and the toll the world takes on love. Dopamine is a chemical released in your body when you’re in love, it’s also released when you’re addicted to something. When I was recording it made me think about how pure relationships are until people and the world get involved. I’m working on an upcoming album as well that will be released in the near feature called, “The Beauty Created.” It’s inspired by Spike Lee movies. The one thing about his films and most importantly life that I love and can always appreciate is culture, the different faces around and eclectic attitudes. It’s truly an inspiration to my music and my fans.

(Photo Credit: J.Shotti)

For more information about Jessy Boykins III please visit www.myspace.com/jesseboykinsiii

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