capsmilingapprovedshot.jpg If there was any doubt on whether young R&B crooner, Lloyd knows anything about love, the answer is simple: pop in his album, close your eyes, and let his sweet voice reach you in places you never knew existed. Preparing for the release of his third album, Lessons in Love, on his label, Young Goldie Music, it is clear that Lloyd is grabbing the reigns of his career and making sure his fans hear the very best of him. On a rainy day in the ATL, Clutch was able to catch up with Llyod to talk about his inspirations, home, and his lessons in love.

Clutch: What inspired your new album, “Lessons in Love”?
Lloyd: I wanted to entertain and re-educate all the lovers out there. Allow them to understand that love has many different sides, has many colors, ethnic backgrounds, and offers many different lessons that we should all take the time to learn.

Clutch: For you, what has been the biggest lesson in love that you’ve learned so far?
Lloyd: Love takes time, experience takes time, you have to find it, understand it, not only how to make love- which everyone wants to know how to do well- but also what it means, what it’s all about, what it represents. There’s four things constant in this world: music, love, laughter and hate. I think we’ve seen enough hate lately, even in music. I think in the words of Mr. Obama, “this is a chance for change!” This is a year of change and I’m trying to live up to that. Not only change my approach to my own recordings like taking it back to the days of recording analogs with less editing. I want to really sing my songs.

Clutch: This will be third album to-date. What is different about this album? How have you evolved as an artist and how has your music evolved?
Lloyd: I think I’ve evolved into stability. As a young man I’m always thinking of the girls…and in having that girl she’d really expect stability. And that one girl that’s been down for me is my fans and I’m trying to give them stability in my music by having them rely on me as someone who helps them to forget about the everyday bullshit that we go through. Music for me has always been an escape, a rescue, and I think my fans deserve that as well.

Clutch: Who are some of the artists that you’ve collaborated with on your new album?
Lloyd: Nelly, Weezy, Natasha Bedingfield to name a few.

Clutch: I think this is always one of the most difficult questions that music artists are asked, but are there any tracks on the album that are standouts or favorites for you?
Lloyd: I like all of them! They all have different meanings, different characters, and they all have their own special place. One of my faves is the single, Girl Around the World. I love that song. I think that it’s a great song for the summer and even the fall. It’s like runway music so it makes you wanna walk that, talk that, and have attitude. That’s one of my favorite ones.

Clutch: What do you think it takes for an artist nowadays to sell a record? Is there a formula?
Lloyd: I think there is no formula, the old formula has been destroyed, it’s obsolete! I think that new age music is the future, online and video blogging. In a second I’m gonna be able to teleport, lol. You can now be much more personable with people. And I think you have to take that approach. You have to be personable and market the music. You have to touch people, let them know that they can be touched through music. Let them know you have love for them. My philosophy is just come hungry. It feels like my first album.

Clutch: Who are some of your musical inspirations, past and present?
Lloyd: Marvin Gaye, is definitely one, he was so smooth. Sammy Davis Jr, I like him because of what he couldn’t do- which was nothing! Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Pharrell, and my grandfather, who wasn’t a musician himself, but played a lot of music.

Clutch: How has your mom influenced your musical career?
Lloyd: My mom has influenced me vicariously in a lot of ways. And in a lot of ways, she lives through me. There’s a special connection that we share. I’m named after my father, he was the first man she ever married and the only man she ever married. My mom used to sing in the church choir. She’s just very very cool. And she’s also one of those mom’s who wasn’t afraid to conquer the world on her own, that takes a lot of courage. She’s instilled an appreciation for women in me and I’ve tried to show that with this album.

Clutch: You represent Atlanta to the fullest. When you’re on the road and you think of Atlanta, what are some images that come to mind?
Lloyd: I think of Auburn Avenue. Martin Luther King Jr. I think about Five Points. People there dress crazy wild. I think about certain streets, certain neighborhoods, Kensington Road, I think about the Eastside. The music. I remember seeing Andre 3000 with these crazy furry boots on with football pads and cowboy pants, lol, but he’s the coolest dude ever. I think about swag. I think about my momma’s house, my house on a Sunday in the A. I think about the place where I had my first kiss. It was perfect. I think about performing arts school. The people, the energy. I love it here.

Clutch: You’ve launched your own music label, “Young Goldie Music”, what was that a result of?
Lloyd: I wanted to take a stand in my own life, my career…and I combined that with my knowledge of the business. There are so many talented individuals who deserve more for themselves, they work really hard, and because of the game and how it is and especially if you’re coming in young, you can easily get misguided. Also with my own label I’m able to be more free and comfortable. Lessons in Love is being released through this label and I think it will be bigger and much more successful. Plus, I get to make sure that it gets to my fans.

Clutch: What helps to keep you grounded?
Lloyd: The idea that I can be better.

For more information on Lloyd please visit www.younglloyd.com and www.myspace.com/lloyd

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