• coco_fiere

    Considering that they rarely give him and artists like him airplay nowadays, I see this as a smart and strategic move. He did this song a little in concert and the sold-out crowd, who knew all the lyrics to all his previous stuff, still got with it so I hope it boosts his overall sales. He deserves thousands of people (and $$$) in a huge arena like the young and talent-challenged get (um, virtually ALL the young crooner wannabes like Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, etc.) instead of hundreds squeezed into the local House of Blues. Maybe this will motivate the masses.

  • Pearlsrevealed

    At least the girl in the video was not naked. LOL Not what I was expecting but I agree with coco..

  • Dee

    For those of you are so stuck on what he did in the past….check out his next upcoming single “So Beautiful” he has his own youtube……it’s a nice track!!!