78767100.jpgtriple-fusion_eyeshadow.jpgI don’t know if there is anything more satisfying than finding a low cost beauty item that really delivers. Part of you wants to tell the world about the great deal you found. The other half wants to keep it your little beauty secret. That’s how I felt when I discovered Wet ‘n Wild Beauty Benefits Triple Fusion Eye Shadow ($5.99, available at Wal-Mart, Meijer, Pathmark and HEB).

These affordable mineral-infused eye shadow trios come in six glamorous sets of three shades that blend perfectly to create beautiful looks. Mineral infused natural sun filters work in synergy with light reflecting properties to open and enhance the eye area. The three coordinated shades in each trio allow you to define, highlight and brighten your eyes. And with long lasting wear you can put it on in the morning and not worry about the color fading throughout the day. After a long work day my Triple Fusion Eye Shadow was still going strong and the color was still true.

Application Tips
Step 1. Lid – Sweep medium shade from lash to brow bone.
Step 2. Crease – Apply darkest shade in crease for definition
Step 3. Brow bone – Blend the lightest shade underneath eyebrow to highlight brow bone.

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