1 in 3 women suffer from physical or mental abuse at some point in their lifetime

Despite these shocking figures independent research recently commissioned by The Body Shop in 11 countries around the world discovered that only 21% of women would feel confident seeking help from official authorities such as the police and only 14% would seek a support group in times of need. Under half those questioned would turn to their family. However, 59% of women claim that if affected by domestic violence they would turn to a friend for help.

This new discovery inspired The Body Shop to launch the 2008 Stop Violence in the Home campaign on the theme of friendship. By providing practical tools to empower women to provide support to friends in need, the campaign can be a source of inspiration and support for millions of women around the world.

As part of the campaign The Body Shop has created a “For Me, For You” Special Edition Shea Lip Care Duo ($15, thebodyshop.com). By simply giving one to a friend you each get a wonderful reminder that you have a confidante whom you can trust, for whom no secret is too big or too small. (And you each enjoy moisturized lips, every time it’s applied!)

All proceeds from the sale of the Shea Lip Care Duo go directly to their charitable partners whose work supports those who have been affected by domestic violence.

Why the Body Shop supports this cause:
Domestic violence happens everywhere. At least 1 in 3 women around the world are beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in their lifetime. Usually, the abuser is a member of her own family or someone known to her. Stop Violence in the Home is The Body Shop’s global campaign, which was created 10 years ago to inspire customers and employees to get active against domestic violence. Our campaign aims to raise awareness of this issue and generating funds to help those affected.

A truly Global campaign:
By 2006 the campaign had reached 47 markets across the world. In 2008, Stop Violence in the Home will run in 56 markets. Since the first campaign was launched, millions of dollars have been raised. These funds are vital in the fight to stop domestic violence, but fundraising is only half the story of what our campaign has achieved. Bold, innovative, groundbreaking, even law changing, the achievements of employees and customers in raising awareness and changing attitudes has been truly remarkable.

How you can help:
Go to www.bodyshop.com and buy the SVITH Lip Care Stick Duo, which will help keep women all over the world safe from violence in their home. The Lip Care Sticks use shea butter and Vitamins A, C, and E to soften and moisturize lips. You keep one stick and give the other to a friend to let her know you are always there for her.

Call for government to put protective policies in place to safeguard against abuse, and exposure to abuse. Speak up if you suspect domestic abuse may be happening. And act if you know it is, either by trying to help the victim, or by alerting the authorities.

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