p209436_hero.jpg4225_logo.gifp209436_hero.jpgNothing feels better when your tired and hot then a cold drink of refreshing water. It perks you right up and breaths new life into your dehydrated body. When you are really thirsty nothing hits the spot quite like water. Well using the same idea, Too Faced Cosmetics brings you a revolutionary eye pencil that was created using more than 35% of actual mineral water. The Mineral Water Refreshing Eye Brightening Pencil is a water based eyeliner pencil that highlights the eye area ($18, toofaced.com). It uses the mineral water to help hydrate, refresh and rejuvenate tired dry skin while providing a glowing highlight.

The Mineral Water Eye Brightening Pencil also helps to banish dark circles while giving you the appearance of being well rested. It helps to de-puff eyes, improves skin’s firmness and elasticity. And if that wasn’t enough it provides the perfect canvas for all types of makeup. All in one eyeliner pencil. Its seems like the only thing this pencil doesn’t do is make ice for your glass of water. Or at least I think it doesn’t…..

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