not-just-vintage.jpgA vintage boutique in the heart of Bed Stuy? Sounds a little out of place at hearsay. Specialists at forecasting recycled trends, the ladies of the Brooklyn boutique Not Just Vintage have established themselves as an “around the way girl” fashion hub. The charming atmosphere complete with an overflowing selection of modern funky accessories and rare vintage finds is undeniably inspiring. Compared to those dark dreary vintage spots, NJV is like walking into the bedroom of that fly older cousin we all dreamed we’d be as cool as one day. Professional fashionistas and co-owners Maya and LaMonica took us on a tour of the world of vintage.

Clutch: How and when did you ladies decide you wanted to open a vintage boutique in this location?
Both of us are thrifty people by nature, so it’s almost natural that we would partner up to open a vintage store, and the location was simply a blessing from God.

Clutch: Tell us about your fashion backgrounds.
Maya: I have always been a buyer & seller of unique finds, and was know in Brooklyn for my vintage shoes where I sold at a small booth on Fulton Street.

LaMonica: I went to school for fashion design in Atlanta, then moved to New York and started styling for Bet J.

Clutch: What are some of the misconceptions you think people have about vintage pieces?
The misconception some people have on vintage clothing is just because it’s a piece from the ‘60s, ‘70s or whatever, they may say ‘it’s out of touch and looks dated,’ but it’s not. These old styles are apart of fashion period and much of the clothing that’s put out now isn’t original, it’s replicated from what our grandparents, parents and others wore when they were bidding styliststa’s. Taking an old style whether it’s an accessory or clothing item and wearing it so that it looks hot is fashion not matter what.

Clutch: How do we if we already own a great vintage piece or if it should just be thrown out? So what are some of your tips on shopping for a great vintage find?
Know what you want, don’t focus on the fact that it’s vintage focus on the fact that it’s a hot piece.

Clutch: How do you guys decide on what pieces you want to purchase?
We basically pull pieces that reflect current trend, bold prints as well as classic items that would never go out of style.

Clutch: So besides all the vintage around here, what are some of the not just vintage things going on at the store?
NJV is a facility for the community where we provide studio space for photographers, classes, events, movie nights, and MoonLight Madness a indie designer flea market held every Sunday @ NJV. NJV also provides wardrobes for indie artist, stylist, and customizes our own one of kind pieces.

Clutch: Who are some of the newer and emerging designers you guys are carrying now?
Right now NJV carry our premium line Criteria Accessories a jewelry line design by LaMonica Peterson.

Clutch: What designers today do you think possess that timeless feel?
Vintage is where it’s at, most designers take vintage silhouettes and rework the clothing, and nothing is truly original.

Clutch: What designers have the most beautiful vintage clutches?
We are not into designers, but the original clutches that we handpick are the hottest designers out now. The modern designers create knock off versions of the original piece.

Clutch: What can we look forward to in the future from NJV and you both?
More community based projects, events, performances, blog, our own custom made pieces, and hot new merchandise for the fall.


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