Being the product junkie that I am, a few months back I was visiting a MAC counter to pick up some concealer when I was introduced to my new best friend. That friend has been loyal and hasn’t left my side ever since. What or who is this friend I’m referring too, that would be none other than MAC’s Fix ($16) + makeup aqua spritz. I know your probably thinking; I know this girl ain’t talking about water in a bottle. Don’t worry ladies I’m not. What I’m talking about is an old underground fave of makeup artist, an angel in disguise.

Fix+ can be used for any and just about every make makeup routine. Used to set one’s makeup look, over time this product as become a force to be reckon with. The water-based potion is packed with vitamins, minerals and toped off with chamomile, green tea and cucumber extracts. But it doesn’t just finish your makeup, it adds radiance to your look, and hydrates your skin. I’ve often used it as a skin refresher and moisturizer at night instead of typical creams or lotions.

The added bonus and maybe the most beneficial aspect of Fix+ is its ability to multi-task. Fix+ can be used to do any of the following: (1) Set makeup (2) Apply powders like creams (3) Intensify eye shadow (4) Add radiance (5) Hydrate and refresh skin.

It’s MAC, it multi-tasks, its healthy for your skin and it retails for only $16, you can’t beat that!

To find out more about my daily routine with MAC’s Fix+ email me at [email protected] and for any additional beauty questions please email Nicole at [email protected]

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