sb10069865c-0011.jpgEach weekday when I awake, I thank God for another day’s rising, make my bed, lay my clothes out for that day, take Jernee (my puppy) out for a walk, come back in to bathe, get dressed, feed Jernee, eat, and leave for work. There is truly no thinking involved in this. This entire routine is pretty much ritualistic and has not changed in the past three months. I am definitely a person who is organized and programmed (so to speak) to lead my life in a rather consistent manner. Please do not mistake my habitual antics for a lack of change; I do change when needed and wanted, but my daily adventures are the same as each week passes. It is as if my mind and body are synchronized and have to complete these happenings before I can truly rest at the end of a workday. How do I maintain this? For as long as I can remember I have always been the type of person who sets out to get something or some things done. I set a goal for myself, plan to reach it, prepare myself for reaching it, and thusly take the time to reach it. It does not matter what that goal is, my main concern is meeting it. How do I stay motivated to do this? I wish I could say it was not a simple thing for me, but it actually is: I focus on what I will gain in the long run if I meet that goal.

For example: about two years ago, I wanted to lose thirteen to fifteen pounds. I implemented a plan to work out which included walking, jumping rope, running up and down the stairs, and slacking up on the amount of unhealthy, fatty foods I was eating. At the end of a three week period, I noticed my jeans were less snug, my dress slacks had a little more room in them, and my shirts did not cut off major circulation to my breasts. After doing that particular regimen for about a month or so, I lost the thirteen pounds I wanted to lose and I maintained that loss until a year later. I fell back into the trap, but nevermore. I am back to that weight and I have it in my mind to keep the weight gain or loss to a three to five pounds maximum. What do I gain ultimately in doing this? I get to fit into some clothes I have had in the back of my closet for years, feel better about my personal presentation, and maintain my health. To me, nothing beats this sort of happiness and this comes from meeting a specific goal.

sb10069865c-002.jpgFor other things, it can be more difficult; I will not lie to you; life is like that sometimes. It truly depends on your character as a person and what you are used to experiencing. If you know you are not going to go into work forty-five minutes early and stay an hour later each day to gain some overtime and pay off some unwanted bills, then I would not advise you to start. If you have a project that is due in two weeks and you know you are a chronic procrastinator, it is probably certain that you will just wait until two days before the project is due to begin, build, and finish said project. But, there has to be some one thing that you focus on and constantly remind yourself of it that is linked to reaching that goal. Example: If you finish the project a week in advance, you will be able to focus on other work that has probably been neglected as well or relax with an entire week to spare without having that project stationed on your back like a heavy monkey. Finish the project early = free time or “me (you)-time”. At least, that is how I would see the situation.

I wanted to do something different for this article. Below are several motivational quotes. Perhaps, you will pull something from one or some of them to give you that needed *push* you may have been looking for:

Take these quotes with you. They may help when you need more than a little boost one morning or an extra shove in the afternoon. I would also recommend practicing discipline where you *know* you lack it most. Set specific goals for yourself, focus on what you will gain if that goal is met, and reward yourself after meeting the goal has been achieved. I guarantee you, you will notice a change in your step, your confidence level, and your overall view of self once you learn how to stay motivated and reach your goals. Good luck!

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