We Love: Lizz Wright



Being the jazz heads we are, we wanted to make sure you knew about one of our favorite artists, Lizz Wright. Lizz’s first two Verve releases, Salt and Dreaming Wide Awake, established her as one of the jazz world’s most celebrated rising stars, both an accomplished songwriter and a versatile, deeply expressive singer. By her third album The Orchard, the Georgia-bred, New York-based beauty had us hooked on her soothing and soulful voice. So ladies, close your eyes and let Lizz take you away to serenity.

For more information on Lizz Wright please visit www.lizzwright.net and www.myspace.com/lizzwright

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  • I love Lizz too.

  • Carmen

    I adore Lizz as well! I have been hooked on her ever since Salt. Beautiful voice.

  • Gina

    Impressed..I’ll defintely have to listen to more of her. This is my first time hearing of her. :)

  • I saw Lizz at the Blue Note in New York City and she’s smoldering with her individualistic voice and beauty. Chick came on stage without shoes! Jazz vocalists definitely go under the radar because so much of today’s promoted music is commercial pop. Love that stuff; but I resent the fact that I’ve got to dig deep and hard to find the stuff that resonates with my soul.

    What a shame.

  • faraja

    She’s fantabulous…what a beautiful voice.