z_39379.jpgThis just in, for all you funky risk-taking trendsetter’s who wouldn’t mind walking round with an art inspired flair, there’s an interesting suggestion that you may want to add to your eclectic collection that’s been creating some “would you wear it” buzz. Ports 1961 has created the Wooden Clutch! Rockin furniture for the fall…interesting. I guess this season we’ll be going splinter crazy. Ladies tell us what you think, would you cop this?

To learn more about the Ports 1961 Wooden Clutch please visit www.vivre.com

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  • Jewel

    Heck yes! Purse and weapon all in one. I’d still keep my pepper spray though! lol Lovin it.

  • Most definitely. It has a classic shape with modern materials, but then I am partial to “Clutch”es.

  • Teina

    Love it! I think I saw this clutch in my Vivre catalog.

  • Teina

    OK, duh. I just saw the end of the article with vivre.com as the link.