Some of entertainment’s most fashionable fellows got some shine recently when Black Voices unveiled its list of the Top 20 Stylish Brothers. From Jay-Z’s grown man swag to Andre 3000’s southern playalistic charm, the lineup was heavy on eye candy and a celebration of today’s tastemakers. We caught up with Angela Bronner, Senior Lifestyle Editor for Black, who gave us the scoop on the inspiration behind the feature. Be sure to check it out at!

1) How did Black Voices go about selecting names for the “Stylish Brothers” list? Was there any specific criteria considered?
The “Stylish Brothers” list was conceived by a male member of the Life and Style team, Denver Louis. We want to cover more men in our Fashion blog, Style Spotter. The criteria was based on the men’s personal style, as well as consistency in terms of being well turned out when out in public. Obviously, not everyone’s personal style jibes with our own tastes but that consistency and just looking fresh according to his personal style is what we were going for. There was some debate amongst the team and some people were added, some deleted. We think we got a well rounded list (young, old, hip-hop, classic) in the end.

2) What was the inspiration behind this feature?
The inspiration behind this feature was both the need to do more fashion features on men and New York’s Fashion Week.

3) We love Andre 3000’s unique style as well, but what was it exactly about his fashion sense that catapulted him to the top of the heap?
Andre 3000’s personal style is what catapulted him to the top. Not only is his style unique (or even weird according to some) but he makes the clothes, they don’t necessarily make him. Personal style at the end of the day is about being true to oneself and being comfortable in the clothes (and the skin) you’re in and Andre 3000 best exemplifies that. We also suspect that Andre 3000 truly LOVES clothing and style and it’s not about getting a stylist to “make” a look but that his look is true and inspired.

“For a long time, Andre 3000 has had a personal style independent of anything in hip-hop,” says Denver Louis,

“Over the years he has personified the innovator, constantly pushing the boundaries of style and still making it work. His eccentric swagger continues to propel him to new heights as his talent in style is matched only by his ingenuity on the mic.”’s Top 20 Most Stylish Brothers:
20. John Legend
19. Ryan Leslie
18. Ne-Yo
17. Idris Elba
16. LL Cool J
15. Will Smith
14. Lewis Hamilton
13. Prince
12. Jamie Foxx
11. Blair Underwood
10. Steve Harvey
9. Jay-Z
8. Ozwald Boateng
6. Fonzworth Bentley
5. Common
4. Kanye West
3. Pharell Williams
2. Sean Combs
1. Andre 3000

What do you think? Is this list pretty accurate?

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  • Pretty solid list. I’d make a couple of changes, but overall, they did very well.

  • yeah it’s correct as long as my long time boo (in my head) Jay-Z is on the list! everyone else is just sprinkles on the cupcake! LOL

  • Who is Ryan Leslie (too lazy to google) and why is Will.I.Am ahead of John Legend or Jay-Z? His style is so obnoxious, in my opinion.