nm_kilpatrick_080831_mn.jpgDetroit Mayor Offers to Quit, Pay Fine
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is offering to plead guilty to one or two felonies, leave office, pay a fine and restitution and perform community service — so long as he doesn’t go to jail, a source close to his legal team said Sunday. Frustrated by what they consider stubbornness by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy in ongoing plea talks, the mayor’s lawyers have offered to bring in facilitators — perhaps a judge or well-respected legal figure — to review the offer, the source said. The hope is to persuade Worthy that the deal is “politically palatable” and similar to penalties anyone facing similar felonies would receive, the source said. (Continue Reading…)

No Room at the Table for Black Republicans
With stiff upper lips and phony grins, black Republicans are going to the Republican National Convention in Minnesota to be dissed by the party. Many will make believe they are down for Sen. John McCain — too afraid to come out the closet for Obama. Since the 2000 and 2004 Republican conventions, a lot has changed for African American Republicans. I was a vice chairwoman for Bush in Connecticut, a national co-chairwoman for African Americans for Bush, a surrogate spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee and worked on Latino outreach efforts nationwide. With a number of blacks, I served on various committees to plan events at the Philadelphia and Big Apple conventions. There were rainbow coalitions of interns and delegates. Featured speakers such as Colin Powell, J.C. Watts Jr., Condolezza Rice, black actors and ministers and gospel singers played a role on prime-time television. (Continue Reading…)

Jay-Z’s Las Vegas 40/40 Club is No More
After being opened for just nine months, Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Las Vegas has been sold off to the Las Vegas Sands Corp. — well, the location has, since it’s location at the Palazzo Hotel Casino is prime real estate. According to the Los Angeles Times, the rumored closing became official Wednesday (August 27). However, terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Reps for both Jay-Z and the Palazzo said, “It was a business decision.” While reports said that the 40/40 in Vegas was failing to draw in enough people, Jay’s camp said that is not true, claiming it was “doing good business.” “If you went there on a weekend you saw it was packed. Maybe, at other times it wasn’t as crowded. But that is true everywhere. The club was doing fine. What is going on here is that (40/40’s 24,000 square feet) is valuable real estate, and they came to us with an offer and this was a good business deal,” Jay’s spokesperson Ron Berkowitz told the paper. (Continue Reading…)

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