simpson_oj.jpgJudge: Don’t Use this Trial to ‘Punish’ O.J.
Jury selection in O.J. Simpson’s trial on robbery and kidnapping charges started Monday, with the judge seeking prospective jurors who are not influenced by his 1995 murder trial. Simpson was acquitted of the slayings of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman. He was later found civilly liable for their deaths. “If you are here to think that you’re going to punish Mr. Simpson for what happened in Los Angeles back in ’95, this is not the case for you,” Judge Jackie Glass told the jury pool. Dressed in a dark gray suit, white shirt and light-gray tie, Simpson, 61, sat with his lawyers at the defense table and appeared to be following the proceedings closely. If convicted on all counts, Simpson could receive up to life in prison. The first day wrapped up after lawyers questioned three prospective jurors, all who were deemed qualified to serve. The high-profile case started with 500 prospective jurors. Based on their answers to questionnaires, 252 were rejected, leaving 248 in the jury pool. On Monday, Judge Jackie Glass called in 86 and excused 14, most of them for medical reasons.(Continue Reading…)

Meaning of Being African in Post-Racial Age
Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama are icons of the post-racial age which is still unfolding. But they are very different post-racial icons. Mandela was very much a child of the struggle against racism at its height, whereas Obama attained maturity when racism was on the decline and the civil rights movement in the United States had already attained some of its most important achievements. A major precondition of Obama’s preparation for the American presidency was his being abandoned by his African father. The divorce of his parents (his mother, Ann Durham, was from Kansas, Missouri) is probably destined to be counted by historians as one of the most significant matrimonial break-ups in history. (Continue Reading…)

Detroit Mayor, Family to Leave Mansion by Sept. 18
Detroit’s mayor has a deadline for moving out of the city’s official mayoral residence now that he has pleaded guilty and is resigning. Officials say Kwame Kilpatrick, his wife and three sons are expected to be out of the city’s Manoogian Mansion by midnight on Sept. 18. Kilpatrick also has until that day to vacate his City Hall offices. City Council President Ken Cockrel Jr., who is set to take over as mayor Sept. 19, says Kilpatrick told him Monday he’d have no trouble meeting the deadline. (Continue Reading…)

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