Jada Pinkett Smith to Make “Time” for TNT
Jada Pinkett Smith is returning to television in TNT’s drama pilot “Time Heals.” She will play a strong but caring director of nursing at Charlotte Mercy Hospital in North Carolina, a single mother who always puts others first. The actress will also serve as an executive producer alongside the project’s writer, John Masius. As a procedural with a strong female character at the center played by an A-list actress, “Time” fits nicely with TNT’s crime dramas “The Closer,” starring Kyra Sedgwick, and “Saving Grace,” starring Holly Hunter. (Continue Reading…)

Number of People Needing Aid in Africa Doubles
The number of people living “on the edge of emergency” in Africa has nearly doubled to 220 million in just two years, a leading charity said on Thursday. CARE International said emergency aid to the impoverished and strife-ridden continent continued to arrive too late, was short-term and policies were targeted too heavily on saving lives rather than building resilience in the population. “The world’s inaction on food emergencies has proved costly and it is the world’s poorest people — stripped of enough to eat — who are paying the price,” said Geoffrey Dennis, the charity’s chief executive. (Continue Reading…)

Denzel, Shaq as Kids Are New Faces of Boys Club
Denzel Washington, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Martin Sheen, Wesley Clark and Shaquille O’Neal, who attended the Boys & Girls Clubs of America as children, have lent their childhood photos to the organization for a national advertising campaign. Washington unveiled the “BE GREAT” campaign Wednesday, asking people to volunteer to help at their local clubs. “What’s going on with children doesn’t worry me. What’s going on with adults worries me. If we are not more committed to these young people … they will go as far as we take them, so the onus is on us, not on the children,” Washington told reporters. “We’ve created this world for them, we are the ones that fall and we are the ones that can rectify it.” (Continue Reading…)

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