Janet Jackson’s Bump-and-Grind Show
Forget eye-popping wardrobe malfunctions. Janet Jackson’s kinky side was front and center during her concert last night at L.A.’s Staples Center. During her performance of her sex-oozin’ S&M-filled song, “Discipline,” Jackson gave a male fan quite an elaborate lap dance after she announced, “I think it’s time I found a new man.” She called the fella to the stage, where he was tied to a wooden frame and hung by a harness. At one point, Jackson lay on the stage and the guy was slowly lowered on top of her. He could be seen on the concert’s LCD screens mouthing, “I love you, Janet.” (Continue Reading…)

The Jena Six – Where Are They Now?
I don’t know if there is any overarching lesson to be learned from what’s going on today in the lives of the young men once known as the ‘Jena Six’ or from the lives of the judge and prosecutor determined to lock them up or even from the life of assault victim Justin Barker. It was an intense time last fall. Many Americans had never even heard of the ‘Jena Six’ until the wall-to-wall media coverage of the march on Jena a year ago brought the story into the nation’s living rooms. One has excelled. One has really messed up. But most have just gone on living pretty ordinary lives with extraordinary moments tucked into them. Here’s what’s going on with the key figures … (Continue Reading…)

Microsoft Dumps Seinfeld for Rapper Pharrell
Hip-Hop star Pharrell joins a cast of celebrities in a new $300 million dollar advertising campaign being launched by technology behemoth, Microsoft. On September 4, Microsoft debuted two spots featuring comedian and spokesman Jerry Seinfeld and company founder Bill Gates, as part of the biggest ad spend in the company’s history. One advertisement features Seinfeld and Gates shoe shopping while engaging in idle chatter and the second features Seinfeld and Gates engaged in conversation at a blue collar family’s dinner table. (Continue Reading…)

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