dailyphoto080903.jpgPepa Tells It Like It Is in New Book
Upfront, uncensored, and unstoppable, Sandy Denton better known as Pepa of the Iconic Hip Hop group Salt-N-Pepa is set to bare all in a new book hitting stores this month. Never at a loss for words, Pepa tells her side of the story in her new book “Let’s Talk About Pep.” Leaving no stone unturned the Hip Hop pioneer talks for the first time about her troubled childhood, surviving abuse, her first encounters with Cheryl “Salt” James, her failed marriages and her escape from domestic abuse, her “breakup” with Salt and their eventual “reunion”, her triumphant comeback on the VH1 reality shows The Surreal Life, Fame Games, and The Salt-N-Pepa Show, and more. Diving into her experience with Salt-N-Pepa, Peps says “The very thing that got me into Salt-N-Pepa — going with the flow and doing what I was told — was the same thing that got me in a lot of bad situations. Being a chameleon or just going with whatever wasn’t good for me. It allowed me to put up with things I shouldn’t have put up with. It allowed me to be with people I should not have been with because I wasn’t able to just be myself and say no or walk away. It never let me ask, “What do I want out of life?” It never allowed me to really think about me and my needs first.” (Continue Reading….)

Palin Pick Not Likely to Sway Black Women
The tears of joy gushed from the eyes of legions of pro life women when they heard that Republican presidential contender John McCain tapped Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his VP running mate. There’s little likelihood, though, that many black women had red eyes over the pick. It’s easy to see why. Palin is more hard nosed in her opposition to abortion than any top GOP presidential ticket candidate in the past three decades. That includes W. Bush. Bush did show a tinge of flexibility on abortion when he agreed that abortion should be allowed when the pregnancy resulted from rape, incest or endangered a woman’s health or life. Palin opposes abortion across the board. Her rigid opposition to it has real consequences for black women, especially poor black women. (Continue Reading….)

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