Some of the best indie designer stories begin with the creator making pieces simply to fill a void in their own wardrobe when suddenly others start to coo over said pieces and voila, a label is born. That’s pretty much what happened for Hayley Schwartz, the mastermind behind the feminine and fun jewelry line Hay Luv, who turned a hobby of creating unique pieces for herself into a full time career after a Las Vegas boutique owner took notice of her work. We caught up with Hayley to discuss her adventures in accessories.

Clutch: When and how did your jewelry design career begin?
I’ve always been very creative and into design but never thought this is where I’d be – it was more of a passion and hobby for me than career. I was in business school and it kinda just fell into place. I was always designing pieces for myself to wear as I just wasn’t finding the quality and styles that I loved in the stores. Everywhere I went people commented and asked where I got the necklaces I wore. I was at a party and the owner of a great boutique in Las Vegas asked me about the necklace I was wearing and said she’d love to have it in her store….It took off from there!

Clutch: I read that your desire to find the perfect staple accessory was motivation for you to start Hayluv. Do you feel like you’ve designed that ideal piece yet?
For me that staple accessory is something trendy but wearable; that you can wear everyday, to every occasion at an affordable price. All my styles are designed with that in mind – I want women to really wear them!

Clutch: We’ve been spying lots of heart pendant necklaces, which you seem to be fond of- Do we detect a trend in the making? Are there any trends/statements that we should keep our eye on for fall?
Hearts – Hmmm….I am totally the opposite style of that girly girl and hearts were never meant to be the focus of the line. My 1st collection started off with a great heart style necklace and it all just followed from there. I think hearts aren’t necessarily a trend but are always around, will always be worn by everyone and are something that just never really goes out of style. Everyone loves them no matter who you are and what your style is – it’s just what you do with it. I started off with the heart by using Big Chunky stone heart pendants on super long necklaces and have now carried it over and incorporated it into my more delicate designs in the Lux Glam Collection.


Clutch: Your newest collection features many wonderful items that we can’t wait to rock. What’s the inspiration for your newest venture?
I’m really excited about the new collection! Old Hollywood glamour – lots of bling, sparkle, shine and class but made for the everyday girl…

Clutch: How would you describe the aesthetic of your “Lux Glam” collection vs. your initial concept which featured lots of fun and girly jewelry?
What kind of woman do you envision being drawn to each collection? We love that there seems to be a little something for everyone. The Lux Glam Collection features styles that trendy, simple and pretty using precious metals and stones (golds, diamonds) where My Trend collection features styles that are chunky, bold, and super long using semi-precious stones with gold-filled and silver chains. There definitely is something for everyone and at every price-point! – Truthfully any kind of women would love styles from both the collections, it’s what you do with the jewels and how you wear them. The collections look fabulous when you mesh pcs together pulling from both lines creating a total layered look.

Clutch: What advice would you give to someone that doesn’t wear much jewelry who is looking to add more bling and baubles to their current wardrobe rotation?
Stick to what’s right for you and your own style! Wear as much or as little as you want to. Accessorizing is made to be fun and can totally change an outfit. Don’t go with what everyone else is wearing – go with what you actually like, rock it and make it your own!


To learn more about Hayluv visit www.hayluv.com.

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