naomi_campbell.jpgOur favorite model diva, Naomi Campbell, is in the news again but this time she’s turned her energy towards more creative pursuits. Campbell’s rumored to be joining the long list of celebrities turned designer,including catwalk colleague Kate Moss, as she’s reportedly inked a deal with 284, a new line from Sao Paulo, Brazil based retailer Daslu.

No details yet as to exactly what the line will consist of but Naomi states that it’s designed with strong women in mind. Stay tuned…..

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  • I’m glad she’s doing something productive while she’s off the runway. Can’t wait to see what the line looks like!

  • This sounds really exciting!!! I can’t wait to see what the line will consist of and how expensive it would be!

  • vlora

    heyy naomi campbell you are in the best of the world