On Friday, Sept 26th, 2008 Keistar Productions along witth the Minority Report and the Stylistics Agency have won the rights to produce the very first ever “Sew Far, Soul Good!” – Cocktail Dress and Black Tie event!

Sew Far, Soul Good! honors those who have advanced themselves and others in fashion and in music. What that means for you is, a better class of parties you’ve been looking for. All those well spent dresses that are longing to be worn and appreciated, can finally see the light of day. And fellas, you no longer have to feel funny about being the ONLY one in the room wearing a bowtie or even a button down shirt for that matter…it’s cool. It’s time to step it up people! If Stevie, Maxwell, Saadiq, Fatima and Q-Tip can come out to a Keistar event, so can you. You deserve to party better.

When: Friday, Sept. 26th ’08
“Sew Far, Soul Good!” – Cocktail & Black Tie Gala
Celebrating the Marriage of Fashion & Music
Special surprise guest live performance!

Where: @ the Pink Room – 199 Bowery Street NYC
Dress with 21st Century elegance
Ladies: Cocktail dresses, Skirts, Tuxedo pants.
Guys: Blazer or vest, Button down with neck tie. Slacks or Jeans with shoes or sneakers…FRESH ones!

For more info please visit www.theminorityreportnyc.blogspot.com

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