Paper Trail


Remember when people actually wrote letters to each other, kept daily journals, and sent (gasp) handwritten invitations? With the convenience of blogs, emails, ecards, and text messages, it seems that stationery has gone the way of the jheri curl. While it’s super easy to send a quick email, a thoughtful letter from an old friend can be very refreshing when the only mail you receive is from Sallie Mae.

If you’re thinking stationery is stuffy old monogrammed paper, think again. There are so many pretty and fashionable choices from Kate Spade and Crane & Co., you’ll want to buy matching accessories! For those going green, there are numerous eco-friendly and stylish stationery to choose from. Write on, Clutchettes!

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  • I love journaling (still keep a paper one) and gorgeous stationary. I just don’t really have anyone to send it too because everyone i know is on the computer!

  • Lisa Renée

    I was recently having a discussion with a few people about the lost art of a handwritten note or personal birthday card. There is nothing better than getting a piece of mail from a family or friend, and a nice surprise besides another bill.

    As a scrapbooker and card maker I appreciate the lost art and wish it would come back.

    Great article.

  • Teina

    Personal note and letter writing is great.

  • Cheryl H.

    I LOVE receiving personalized items!!! When someone takes the time to create and share their talents with me, I am so moved – always to tears.

    I love pretty stationery – have quite a bit but need to start writing, or should I say journaling in my own handwriting more to my friends.

    Very nice article! Thanks for the insight!