kenzo-power2.jpgQ: My boyfriends birthday is next month and he loves fragrances. Do you have any suggestions for something that will knock his socks off?
Aren’t you a wonderful girlfriend. He is lucky to have you because my boyfriend gets a pair of white tube socks each birthday. Anyways because your such a good girl friend you should get him a scent that is totally unexpected and fresh. Something that will remind him each time he puts it on just how amazing and unique you are. Kenzo Power Eau de Toilette ($55-$75, kenzopower.com) is fragrance created for men that will do just that. Described as a fragrance of opposites, that is simple and surprising, sensitive and masculine, Kenzo is guaranteed to quietly surprise each time you smell it. Now you might be familiar with the flowery soft fragrance and bottle of the Kenzo fragrance for women but it only takes one long at the sleek flask like bottle of the mens fragrance to know that this is a much different Kenzo then your used too. The scent is a mixture of spice with woody amber notes. The deep fragrance is a mixture of spices with a woody and amber note. It’s mixed with bergamot, coriander and cardamon, as well as cedar wood to create a flowery yet purely masculine scent. This is a fragrance that you can’t go wrong giving to your man for his birthday.

prod_package_your.gifQ: Will taking vitamins and supplements really help my skin and hair?
Your hair, skin and nails reflect your general health. If you are lacking in vitamins and minerals or are in poor health, your hair and skin will suffer. Skin may look dry, dehydrated and lose radiance. Your hair may break off, become damaged, start to thin and may stop growing. Making sure you have a balanced diet is one that you can you make sure that your hair and skin are at their optimum health. But if you feel as if your diet is lacking taking a supplement with essential vitamins and minerals will help to keep both healthy. In general taking a vitamin supplement with B-vitamins and lots of amino acids can help your skin and hair be their healthiest. Realfood Organics Your Daily Nutrition is a perfect way to get your vitamins and minerals and it is equal to 1 serving of fruits and vegetables (Health Food Stores Nationwide). This high-energy, one-a-day multi is for everyone and was created by using organic fruits and vegetables. And don’t forget to make sure you drink plenty of water to keep from being dehydrated inside and out.

p217204_hero.jpgp40404_hero.jpgQ: I just want one product to throw into my beauty routine to change it for the fall. What do you suggest?
To get your beauty routine ready for this fall I would inject some unexpected color. Maybe deep shimmering charcoal or peach. Smashbox’s Wicked Lovely Eyeshadow’s Duo in Sexy Demure ($24, smashbox.com) gives you the chance to create a smoldering look for the fall. Or go for the color of the fall, deep plum. Try Diorshow Plum Mascara ($24, sephora.com). This limited edition version of Dior’s cult-favorite mascara takes the beloved bestselling formula and makes it a gorgeous shade of deep plum for the fall. The jumbo brush crates impossibly long, thick , dramatic lashes for an ultra-glam, lase eyelash look.

3006.jpgQ: I want my teeth white but can’t afford the expensive teeth bleaching process. Is there an at home kit that really works?
There are tons of at home whitening kits available but the kit that I personally love is the iWHITE Teeth Whitening Kit ($44.99, iwhitesmile.com). The kit delivers fast and effective results with their breakthrough at home teeth whitening technology. IWHITE Teeth Whitening kit contains several bleaching foam strips and mouth tray that activates the strips with pulses of neon Electroluminescent energy. This energy is directed through the molecules of matter of the whitening gel. Now it is really high tech but all you have to know is that after a few safe treatments you are left with impossibly white teeth.

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